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This email list is open to all and is used to exchange information about gardening, and is maintained by THC. See the link to our website, below.

The Takoma Horticultural Club (THC) welcomes gardeners from across the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area - united by their love of gardening. We live in Takoma Park and surrounding areas, including D.C., Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and beyond. Our members have very diverse interests and gardening experience, and enjoy many activities throughout the year. 

THC sponsors a variety of programs, trips, workshops, Open Garden visits and plant exchanges. While most events are open to anyone interested in gardening, some events are for members only. To join the club, please visit our web site, http://www.takomahort.org .

Each year our THC Program usually includes two plant exchanges, two potluck dinners, a local garden tour, workshops, lectures, and special trips. Visit our website below for specifics.

Although many of our events are open to the public, more than half are for members only. And for $12, you can’t go wrong! Join us to increase your gardening pleasure!

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