The TakomaHort listserv is the property of the Takoma Horticultural Club (THC or “Club”).

Updated 10/27/2021

THC Leadership maintains the listserv for the benefit of the Club, in furthering its outreach to the community and sharing information about gardening topics.
Anyone with an interest in gardening is welcome to join the listserv and follow the discussions about gardening in the Takoma Park community and surrounding area. At this time, all members of the listserv can post to the group, even if you are not a paid member of the THC.

Joining the Club helps support our programs and helps pay for the operation of the Club's free-to-all listserve, so please consider becoming a member of THC. See for information about how to join.

THC operates many community gardening activities, and we encourage listserv members to attend Club events to learn more about this organization.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, bullying, personal attacks, profanity, or disrespectful language.

This list is moderated, and the Club encourages anyone with a question about whether their post is acceptable to consult with the list moderator prior to posting your message.

Postings we encourage include:

● Showing us pictures of your plants in bloom, your beautiful new border, your excitement over that new plant! We have both a THC Facebook page: “Takoma Horticultural Club” and a THC Instagram account “The Takoma Horticultural Club” too, and would love to receive your plant and garden pictures!

● Notices about Club activities, and questions about how to participate in them

● Community-led local garden volunteer maintenance days, like the Club’s Centennial Garden

● Offers to share the bounty of your garden with others in the Club

● General gardening questions about plant culture and care, and sources for plants and supplies. 


●Sharing information resources, such as notices about other area garden clubs’ plant sales or events, or other garden-related community events. Share news of local or online nurseries’ great sales!


● Kudos, thanks, acknowledgments for exceptional service to the gardening community which would benefit other members to know about

● Your offers to help operate the Club by suggesting and planning a Club activity, and volunteering to serve the organization as a member of the leadership team

● Also, consider setting up a signature in your account in listserv so people know who you are

Examples of postings that will be deleted by the listserv monitors and possibly result in the restriction of your future access to the listserv include:

● Political posts of any sort

● Personal selling of plants, products, or services. No advertising.

● Discussions about the Takoma Park government's policies. Please contact the appropriate department in the city of Takoma Park for information about the city's services. The Club is not connected to  or part of the Takoma Park government

● Discourtesy to other listserv users. Please learn the difference between “Reply to group” and “Reply to Sender”

● Excessive presence. We know you are excited about gardening, but if you have an irresistible urge to comment on every post the moment it arrives in your inbox, we strongly recommend you consider switching to the “Daily Digest” delivery of messages. Please give yourself a chance to read what others post first before you comment.


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